University of Utah and Planned Parenthood Fund ‘Sex Week’ to ‘Deconstruct Reproductive Oppression’

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The University of Utah (UU) and Planned Parenthood have joined together once again to fund “Sex Week” at the school, where student participants have the opportunity to win a year’s supply of contraception.

Posted by Students United for Reproductive Freedom UofU on Monday, February 1, 2016


UU student group Students for Choice – which is supported by Planned Parenthood on campus – has organized the event along with the College of Social Work, the Office of Equity and Diversity, and Associated Students of UU. “Sex Week’s” stated mission is to “raise awareness about reproductive justice by deconstructing reproductive oppression and advocating for our bodies, our families, and our lives.”

According to Students for Choice’s Facebook page, some professors will offer students extra credit or “tardy makeups” if you attend a “Sex Week” event. Included Wednesday on the schedule is a “Hip Hop Feminism” workshop that focuses on “Love, Pleasure, and Self-Image,” with a performance by “Colored Girls Hustle,” a group that “believes health and pleasure are human rights.”

On Thursday, students are invited to participate in a “Make Your Own Safe-Sex Kit” workshop, a free HIV/STD testing session, and a Planned Parenthood Ambassador Training event.

Students for Choice president Kilam Kaur says the goal of her group is to help people to have complete autonomy over themselves, reports the Daily Utah Chronicle.

“Students for Choice is hoping that this week will reduce the stigma around sex, provide students with healthy reproductive services and resources, and also create opportunities for students and faculty to engage with the reproductive justice framework,” Kaur said. “Students and faculty should attend events during Sex Week to engage in a larger conversation on campus about consent and reproductive justice.”

“Sex Week was intentionally organized right before the Valentine’s Day weekend, so students could access free condoms and safe sex that they may or may not use during the weekend,” she continued, adding that she believes in Utah the current education system fails to empower students to embrace and love their sexuality.

Last year during “Sex Week,” BarbWire reports the winner of the contraception raffle won a choice of 365 condoms, a 12-month supply of birth control pills, 4 Depo-Provera shots, one diaphragm, one vasectomy, 12 NuvaRings, 52 OrthoEvra patches, or one intra-uterine device (IUD).

Planned Parenthood recently posted to Facebook that both the cessation of a woman’s menstrual period while on birth control and the use of the IUD are safe.

Yep, stopping your period with birth control is totally safe:

Posted by Planned Parenthood on Sunday, January 17, 2016


Executive director of the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists Dr. Donna Harrison, however, tells Breitbart News Planned Parenthood’s image of the IUD preventing sperm from entering the uterus is “completely inaccurate.”

She continues:

Researchers have published that sperm can be found in the tubes and the womb of IUD users. And, embryos are also found in the tubes of IUD users, but not in the womb. Why? Because the IUD works by setting up a chronic inflammation inside the lining of the uterus that makes embryos unable to attach to the wall. So the embryos die. That is why Planned Parenthood’s video says that the IUD is effective as an “emergency contraception.” The IUD prevents the tiny human embryo from implanting. And, if the embryo has already implanted, the IUD can dislodge and kill that embryo. Those are the dirty little secrets not discussed in the video.

“Shame on Planned Parenthood for misleading women and violating true informed consent,” Harrison adds.

The IUD: get it and forget it.

Posted by Planned Parenthood on Thursday, January 7, 2016


President of the American College of Pediatricians Dr. Michelle Cretella adds that the abortion business’ advocacy for hormone-based contraception and IUDs for young women and teenagers “shows them to be the real purveyor of the war on women.”

“Hormone-based contraceptives put women at risk for many serious side effects including but not limited to mood disorders, blood clots, stroke, cancer and bone loss,” Cretella says. “IUD’s, which may or may not also be imbued with hormones, act by causing the inflammation of a woman’s uterine wall.”

Cretella adds:

Women’s bodies are not diseased; fertility is a sign of health. A woman’s fertility, like her entire person, is something to be valued and respected. It is high time all women, most especially young women, demand that they, as well as men, be taught about the beauty of women’s natural body ecology. There are a variety of fertility awareness models that are scientifically accurate and provide family planning that is as effective as the long-acting removable – but dangerous – contraceptives.

“In promoting contraception to young people, Planned Parenthood ignores the fact that there is no pill, shot, implant, IUD or condom that covers hearts or minds,” she asserts. “The negative emotional and psychological impact of sexual activity upon young people is now well documented in the scientific literature.”


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