Van Jones: Clintons ‘Acting Like Obama’s Like Our Dear Leader, Like In North Korea’

CNN Political Contributor and former green jobs advisor to President Obama Van Jones argued that the Clintons “are acting like Obama’s like our dear leader, like in North Korea” in their attacks on Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) for his criticisms of President Obama on Friday’s broadcast of “CNN Tonight.”

Jones said, “I’m starting to be very concerned about the way that the Clintons are almost making it seem, if you oppose Hillary Clinton, or if you like Sanders, you somehow hate Obama. And that is nuts. I mean, it’s so funny to me, Bernie is supposed to be the Socialist, but the Clintons are acting like Obama’s like our dear leader, like in North Korea, if you criticize the dear leader. That’s nuts. You can have, and you should have, if you’re in public life, a critique of the status quo –.”

After host Don Lemon reacted, “I can’t wait to see the right-wing blogs get ahold of what you just said, but go on.”

Jones then responded, “Hey, fine! Hey, blow it up! Blow it up! That’s my point, the Clintons need to back off of this, if you — it’s like she’s like Hillary Rodham Obama, if you don’t agree with everything she says, you hate Obama, you’re disrespecting black people. That’s nuts.”

(h/t The Right Scoop)

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