Van Jones: Trump ‘Very, Very Dangerous,’ Trying To ‘Restart’ Feud Between Latinos and Blacks That Obama Stopped

On Monday on CNN, network political commentator and former green jobs czar to President Barack Obama Van Jones argued Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is trying to drive a wedge between Latinos and African-Americans and fracture the coalition between them Obama built, which he said was “dangerous” and “bad news for America.”

Jones said, “[H]e talked about the black community, and he tried to drive a wedge between Latino DREAMers and African-Americans. This is a very sinister move, and you may see him start doing this over and over again. Somebody raised the DREAMers, the young Latinos that everyone loves. He puts them down. He says they’re not Americans. I care about Americans. he pivots directly to blacks. This guy is going to start trying to sow dissension, not just within Republican ranks, but within America itself, he’s going to try to split the Obama coalition. This guy is very, very dangerous and bad news for America.”

Jones further argued, “One of the great things about President Obama, is that there was — this sort of thing you just heard, which I think, is very disturbing, was very prevalent. I live in California now. The Latinos, the Mexicans versus the blacks, all this sort of stuff, and people fighting at the bottom over crumbs. And Obama’s leadership said, listen, let’s stop that. Let’s try to be one country. And people say Obama’s so divisive. Guess what, you don’t see African-Americans and Latinos fighting anymore. And so the idea that Donald Trump would jump in and try to restart that old fight, I think is very, very disgusting.”

Fellow CNN commentator John Avlon added, “Donald’s whole game is divide and conquer, and it’s done under the banner of bring us together. But, what Van just pointed out is happening And of course, I don’t think anyone’s going believe that Donald Trump’s primary motivation running for president is to take care of the African-American community.”

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