John Cusack: U.S. Guilty of ‘Legitimizing Murder’ by ‘Blowing Up’ Countries After 9/11

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images
Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

Actor John Cusack accused the West of “legitimizing murder” with its response to the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks while speaking to reporters on Tuesday at the Berlin Film Festival.

The High Fidelity star was speaking alongside director Spike Lee at a media event for Lee’s Chicago gun violence film Chi-Raq — which stars Cusack as priest Mike Corridan — when the pair was asked about the upcoming presidential election.

While Lee is firmly in the corner of democratic socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders, Cusack is still undecided; except to say he would not support Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, according to Deadline.

“If Bernie Sanders doesn’t get the nomination — because he’ll be outspent by Hillary and the Democratic establishment, which is the institutional favorite — will he fold all that momentum that he has back into the DNC or will he split off?” Cusack asked.

He added: “If it is any Democrat versus Trump, I think I’ll have to probably vote for a Democrat.”

Speaking in regards to Europe’s migrant crisis, Cusack then said, “The West has blown up seven countries since 9/11. I don’t want to vote for a Democrat who’s going to continue legitimizing murder to solve problems.”

Cusack, a liberal, previously described President Obama as a “warlord” over the president’s use of drones to indiscriminately kill terror suspects during a 2013 filibuster by Sen. Rand Paul.

Speaking alongside Cusack in Berlin, Lee described Trump’s candidacy as “madness” during the conversation, and he described the U.S. as “a very volatile country” in regards to gang violence in President Barack Obama’s hometown of Chicago.

“Every day, 99 Americans die due to gun violence, and two-thirds is a suicide. There’s a great battle going on. You must look at America and say, ‘What the f—k is going on?’ And, ‘Donald Trump is going to be President?’” Lee said.


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