Mike Bloomberg Would Lose In Landside Against Trump, Sanders

Bloomberg with Toy Guns AP

The talk is that if socialist Bernie Sanders and Republican Donald Trump win their respective nominations, billionaire Michael Bloomberg would feel the need to save America and jump into the presidential campaign as a third-party Independent.  According to a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, such a move would not only result in a humiliating loss for Bloomberg, he would help hand the country over to the socialist:

Michael Bloomberg would win only 16% of the vote in a three-way presidential race among the former New York mayor, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, according to a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll.

In the hypothetical match-up, Mr. Sanders, a Vermont senator running as a Democrat, would win 43%, while Mr. Trump, a Republican, would win 33%.

Currently, the former Mayor of New York has only a 16% favorability rating, while 27% view The Banner of Big Gulps and gun control-extremist unfavorably.

Also at issue is ballot eligibility this far into the 2016 process. With voting just 8 months away, The Wall Street Journal reports that Bloomberg could probably compete in only 21 states.

The polling, however, is a bit suspect. According to the numbers, Bloomberg would sap 10 points from Sanders and 4 points from Trump, and yet Sanders would still win by 10 points. That means that without Bloomberg, Sanders would beat Trump 53% to 37%, which is way outside polling averages where Sanders beats Trump by 8 points, not 16 points.


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