Donald Trump: Dishonesty ‘Only Way We Lose’ Nevada Caucus


Ahead of Tuesday night’s caucuses in Nevada, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump told his supporters, “Keep your eyes out for dishonest stuff.”

“Dishonesty can knock out a poll very quickly,” Trump told his supporters at his campaign rally Tuesday afternoon in Sparks, Nevada, adding that dishonesty is the “only way we lose.”

Trump brought up President Barack Obama’s speech earlier in the day about wanting to close Guantanamo Bay, “which we are keeping open,” he added. “We’re going to load it up.”

“We spent $40 million dollars a month maintaining this place,” Trump said of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. “I would guarantee you, I could do it for … like peanuts.”

Trump also referenced how Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) recently fired his communications director Rick Tyler, who Trump said, “I always thought was a decent guy.”

“He’s taking orders from Cruz,” the real estate mogul added. “Give me a break!”

Trump said there were “nasty, nasty, vicious robo calls” to voters against him in South Carolina about the confederate flag and about same-sex marriage that he alleged came from Cruz’s campaign manager.

Trump also took a swipe at Mitt Romney’s campaign strategist Stuart Stevens, who has been appearing on television giving analysis about how to defeat Trump. “This is the guy that couldn’t beat Obama,” Trump responded.

Trump previously tweeted about Stevens, saying, “Just watched the very incompetent Mitt Romney Campaign Strategist, Stuart Stevens. Now I know why Mitt lost so badly. Stevens is a clown!”

The GOP frontrunner moved on to warning about upcoming swipes against Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Hillary Clinton. “I’ve been very nice,” Trump said about Rubio. ”He hasn’t hit me. When he does, you will see what happens.”

Trump also hinted he will be going after Hilary Clinton, saying, “I haven’t even started” on her.

Trump did say he called former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush to wish him good luck after Bush suspended his campaign, but did not hear back. “I did call him to wish him the best,” Trump said, adding that it wasn’t nice that he didn’t take his call.


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