Eric Trump Dismisses Last-Minute Establishment Attacks: ‘The Most Dangerous People Are The Ones Who Are Drowning’

Donald Trump
Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Eric Trump tells Breitbart News executive chairman Stephen K. Bannon the GOP establishment is “drowning” and desperate to stop his father, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, by any means necessary.

“The tack they’re trying to take now is your father’s a racist, your father won’t repudiate the KKK — you’ve sat across the desk from him… as a business partner,” Bannon said. “Does your father have a racist bone in his body?”

“Not at all. And honestly, I don’t know how many times he has to disavow — people can come out, anyone can come out and say, hey, I endorsed somebody. It’s absolutely insane,” Trump said.

“The most dangerous people are the ones who are drowning. The reality is, neither of these guys has much hope,” he added, referring to Sens. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

He’s leading in the polls going into Super Tuesday and they’re willing to say anything. That’s really the disgusting part about politics. I realized before getting into this race with him… I realized politics is a dirty business. Some of the things they’re saying are absolutely horrible. I mean, they are low. It’s no different than what Cruz did with Carson. “Carson’s dropped out of the race! Vote for me!” Three minutes before the Iowa polls.

“Some of the things done in U.S. politics are truly horrendous. Truly disgusting,” Trump continued. “I think my father handled it nobly. I think people see through it, and again, I’m proud of him. He’s an amazing man, Steve. He’s an amazing man. He’s been unbelievably amazing father to me. I could not have ever wished for or asked for a better father… I would jump off a bridge for him. He is just that great of a person.”

Twelve states vote in what many call the first national primary on Super Tuesday.

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