Ted Cruz In Texas: Wednesday Morning ‘This is a Two Man’ Race

Dallas, Texas Feb. 29, 2016
Lee Stranahan

DALLAS,TEXAS—At a rally on the eve of the 12 state Super Tuesday primary elections, Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz said he thinks that come Wednesday morning, it will be a two-man race between himself and a GOP front runner Donald Trump.

“It’s good to be home,” the GOP Presidential hopeful to an enthusiastic crowd of supporters who came out Monday morning to cheer their candidate. Cruz was joined by current Texas Governor Greg Abbott, congressman Louie Gohmert and former Texas Governor Rick Perry.

The Texans all pounded Marco Rubio and Donald Trump, especially their commitments to conservative values on issues such as immigration. After their speeches touting Cruz as “the only conservative candidate running for the Republican nomination,” Cruz told reporters that after results come in Tuesday night:

…it will become abundantly clear this is a 2-man race. It takes delegates to win the nomination, if you can’t win delegates you’re not going to be the nominee.

And what is abundantly clear is once this gets to a 2-man race not only we win, we win handily. We win by 16 points, 56-40.

What’s gonna matter is how many delegates we have. I believe we’re going to do very well here in Texas, we’re gonna do well across Super Tuesday.

Cruz also encouraged high turnout among the conservative base, saying:

It all depends on turnout, it depends on how many conservatives show up to vote. So I would encourage everyone to come out and get on the phone and call your friends and tell them to get out and vote.

Although Cruz would benefit from Marco Rubio dropping out of the race as it would give opponents of Donald Trump’s candidacy no place else to turn, a re-energized Marco Rubio has shown no signs of relenting despite not having won a single primary state so far.

The latest polls show Cruz with 10 point lead in Texas going into Super Tuesday, although Trump is expected to win a majority of states.


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