Donald Trump Congratulates Cruz On Texas Victory

Republican Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump speaks to the media at his Mar-A-Lago Club on Super Tuesday, March 1, 2016 in Palm Beach, Florida. Trump held the press conference, flanked by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, after the polls closed in a dozen states nationwide. (Photo by
John Moore/Getty Images

PALM BEACH, FL. — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump congratulated Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) for his victory in Texas.

Speaking from his resort, Mar-A-Lago, Trump spoke kindly of his rival.

“I want to congratulate him on winning Texas, that was an excellent win,” Trump said of Cruz. “I do congratulate Ted because I know how hard Ted worked on Texas now that’s a big get—now I also did well in Texas, I came in second in the state,” Trump said.

However, Trump didn’t have as kind of words for his other rival, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL).

“They’re declaring Marco Rubio the big loser of the night, which is true, he didn’t win anything,” Trump said. “He hasn’t won anything period.”

“I know it was a very tough night for Marco Rubio,” said Trump at a press conference located in his white and gold ballroom at Mar-A-Lago. “It was a tough night,” Trump said, adding that Rubio is a “lightweight” and a “little Senator.”

Trump also compared Rubio to Don Rickles.

“Look, I always liked Marco until about last week ago, but he decided to go hostile — he decided to become Don Rickles,” Trump said. “But Don Rickles has a lot more talent,” he added.

“And honestly, I did—I always liked him,” Trump said of Rubio. “But somebody told him you’re losing very badly, the only way you can possibly win, take the Hail Mary, they called it a Hail Mary… it has hurt him.”

“I mean, at least you can say that Ted has won something. And you know, Marco has not won.”

Trump spoke of the general election and argued that Clinton would easily beat Rubio.

“I don’t think Marcos gonna be able to beat her,” Trump said.  “I think Ted’s gonna have a very hard time but Ted at least has a shot because at least he’s won a little bit.”


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