Trump Reassures Nation About Penis Size at GOP Debate

Elsayed posted "I am willing to kill Donald Trump and serve a life sentence. The whole world would thank me for doing that," on his Facebook page, according to his attorney Hani Bushra

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump reassured the nation about his penis size at the GOP debate at the Fox Theater in Detroit, Michigan.

Trump was reacting to jokes that Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) told last week, when he mocked the size of Trump’s hands and hinted they might suggest deficiencies in other parts of his anatomy.

Trump responded on Thursday evening, after a perfunctory half-apology for calling Rubio a “lightweight.” (“He’s not really that much of a lightweight,” Trump said.) He then added:

I have to say this: he hit my hands. Nobody has ever hit my hands. I have never heard of this. Look at those hands. [Holds hands up] Are they small hands? [Laughter] And he referred to my hands — if they are small, something else must be small. I guarantee you, there is no problem. I guarantee you.

Trump’s hands have, in fact, been a frequent point of ridicule, though they appear to be rather ordinary.

Notably, while touting his male endowments, Trump did not use the word “yuge.”



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