Navy SEALs Tell Congressman They Don’t Have Enough Rifles To Go Around

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Representative Duncan Hunter (R-CA-52) says Navy SEALs have contacted him and told him that they have so few rifles they are being forced to share their weapons.

Hunter said that SEALs returning from an operation say they are passing their rifles to those deploying, rather than each SEAL having and keeping his own gun.  He was purposely vague regarding specifics on the weapons, fearing that discussing details on caliber and type could reveal identities.

According to Fox News, Hunter stressed how “fine-tuned” and operation-specific the rifles should be–including the accessories attached or integrated. He said, “They want their rifles. It’s their lifeline. So let them keep their guns until they’re assigned desk jobs at the Pentagon.”

He said the lack of rifles cannot be due to a lack of money because “Congress has frequently boosted the budgets of special operations forces in the years since the 9/11 attacks.” Moreover, he pointed out that rifles are “among the least expensive items” that have to be purchased, so arguments that they are too expensive are not viable. He believes the problem lies in “the priorities of Naval Special Warfare Command” and how they are spending the money that comes their way.

Hunter said, “There is so much wasteful spending. Money is not reaching the people it needs to reach.”

In addition to the rifle shortage, SEALs told Hunter they are also low on ammunition. They said that training ammunition “is being used for combat missions,” thereby limiting their ability to maintain the practice necessary to stay sharp.

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