University of Illinois Warning that Sexual Misconduct Training Might ‘Trigger’ Some

Man touching the legs of a woman

In an ironic twist of political correctness, the University of Illinois has now felt it necessary to warn students and faculty that its sexual harassment training might feature “triggering” words or images that might “upset” people.

The university’s email titled, “Content Warning — Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Training,” informs one and all that its sexual harassment training might be too scary and upsetting for staffers who are forced to attend or students who elect to take the training.

Sent by University Ethics Officer Donna McNeely, staffers are warned there is “content” in the training that might be too “triggering” for some.

As you may be aware, our campus is currently participating in mandatory training on discrimination and harassment prevention, sexual violence, and reporting options and obligations. This training — Preventing Discrimination and Sexual Violence: Title IX, VAWA, and Clery Training — includes content that may be difficult or triggering for some participants as they move through the course. Content will include statistical information as well as descriptions of scenarios that include instances of sexual misconduct. You may want to consider ways to complete the training that might best meet your individual needs.

In closing, the email assures participants that the university will offer “support services” for those who, as president Obama might say, are “all wee weed up” over the images and topics in its sexual harassment training.

According to the University of Illinois website, its Title IX, VAWA, and Clery Training is mandatory for all staff members. The school also offers similar training for students.

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