Brady Campaign Rallies Against Donald Trump: He’s Too Pro-Gun

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gives a thumbs up during a South Carolina Republican primary night event in Spartanburg, S.C., Saturday, Feb. 20, 2016. Trump claimed a big victory in South Carolina's Republican primary Saturday, deepening his hold on the party's presidential field as the contest moved into the South. …
AP Photo/Paul Sancya

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence sent a March 9 email alert urging opposition to Donald Trump for his pro-gun stance on “concealed carry” and because of his support for allowing teachers to defend themselves and their students on school campuses.

Trump will “arm school teachers; allow hidden, loaded guns on college campuses; and give every person the green light to carry a concealed weapon anytime, anywhere, no questions asked,” the email claims.

Trump’s real goal is not safety, but to “sell more guns,” claims the campaign.

To make this point, they leave out the fact that the highest-profile and bloodiest attacks in recent memory took place in areas where gun-free zones predominate — Paris and California. On November 13, terrorists were able to kill 130 unarmed Parisians, and on December 2, two terrorists were able to kill 14 unarmed persons in San Bernardino.

Trump responded to both these attacks by criticizing officials who enacted rules that make it difficult — if not impossible — for people to carry guns for self-defense. He suggested citizens need to be armed — via concealed carry — so that bad guys know bullets are coming back at them if they launch an attack.

He said:

If in Paris or if in California recently, where the fourteen people were killed and probably others to follow — in terms of that group because you have some people who are very, very badly wounded — if in Paris, they had guns or if in California, [they had guns] on the other side, where the bullets go both ways, not just in one direction, you wouldn’t have had the kind of carnage that you had.

The Brady Campaign also criticized Donald Trump for opposing expanded background checks. The Brady Campaign described background checks as “lifesaving” without admitting that both Paris and California have expanded background checks. Those checks did not stop the determined attackers.

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