Watch: Romney Reads Mean Tweets from Trump Supporters on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’


Former Massachusetts governor and 2012 GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney read mean tweets about himself on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday.

A week after Romney called Republican frontrunner Donald Trump a “fraud” and urged Republican primary voters to resist his candidacy, he stopped by Kimmel’s show to participate in the popular segment, and to read tweets about himself written by both Trump and his supporters.

Romney started out by reading a tweet from Trump.

“Mitt Romney had his chance and blew it. Lindsey Graham ran for president, got ZERO, and quit. Why are they now spokesmen against me? Sad!” Trump tweeted.

Romney replied, “The only people I know who got zero are the ones who paid $25,000 to be at Trump University. They’re the ones who got zero.”

Romney then read a tweet from a Trump supporter, who wrote: “Donald Trump is trying to pull America back from the brink and freakin’ Mitt Romney is playing with matches in the bathroom.”

Another Trump supporter wrote, “Mitt Romeny = loser, who are you anyway and by the way where do u buy the shoe polish u where in ur hair?”

Romney responded, quipping, “That’s true, actually, I lost.”

Kimmel later asked Romney how much he would pay to see Trump to exit the race.

“There’s not a right price for that, Donald Trump just needs to get out of the race,” Romney replied.

Watch the full segment below:


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