Trump: ‘We’ve Had Enough Debates’

Friday at a press conference to announce he was being endorsed by former GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson, Republican presidential front-runner said it was his view last night’s CNN presidential debate should be the last one of the 2016 GOP primary cycle.

“I think we have had enough debates,” Trump said. “I mean, how many times do you have to give the same answer to the same question? Do you agree with that? Same questions, same people, same everything. It would be nice to finish off with this one. I thought CNN did a fantastic job last night. I thought that Jake [Tapper] was a great moderator. It was just a really nice way to finish off the debate season, but I really think it’s enough debates, i don’t think there is any reason for the debates. I know they are getting very big ratings, and by the way, the Democrats are not getting ratings at all and our debates are getting very big ratings, but, you know, one of those things. I think we had enough. Look, the networks want them. I don’t think any of the candidates want them at this point. The networks very much want them.”

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