Allen West Warns: Look to Israel For What’ll Happen If We Let Liberals ‘WUSSIFY’ America

Allen West, a former U.S. Army lieutenant colonel who has been touted as a possible Republican presidential challenger and is a candidate for the United States Congress in Florida's District 22, attends a homeland security conference on December 1, 2009 in Tel Aviv, Israel. West, who resigned from the army …
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TEL AVIV – Colonel Allen West compared President Barack Obama to Israeli left-wing NGO head Yariv Oppenheimer, saying, “Oppenheimer and Obama are the reason why we have ISIS beheading, crucifying, slaughtering, enslaving, raping, and committing acts of genocide.”

In an article published Tuesday on West’s website, the former congressman slammed Oppenheimer’s claim that Israelis are “executing” terrorists, and warned that U.S. society was also in danger of breeding “miserable creatures” like Oppenheimer.

On Thursday, Breitbart Jerusalem reported that Peace Now head Oppenheimer had blasted a stabbing victim’s act of self-defense in a terror attack on Tuesday, calling it an “extrajudicial killing.”

Despite having been stabbed multiple times, the victim, Yonatan Azarihab, managed to pull the terrorist’s knife from his own neck and use it to stab his attacker to death.

Oppenheimer also condemned police for shooting and killing the Palestinian terrorist who went on a stabbing spree in Jaffa later the same day, wounding 10 and murdering tourist and U.S. Army veteran Taylor Force.

The Palestinian Authority subsequently made use of Oppenheimer’s words, saying that Israel’s so-called “executions display the depth of the radicalism and the fascism that still rules in the circle of decision makers in Israel in their different political, judicial, military, and media institutions, and they express a wide infrastructure of violent radicalism in Israel in the shadow of the ongoing development of the radical right.”

West laid into Oppenheimer, accusing him of having a “depraved mentality and abject cowardice” for blaming the victims of terrorist attacks.

“What form of stupid would refer to an act of self-defense in killing the person who just stabbed you as a damn ‘execution?'” he wrote.

Where I come from that’s called self-defense. Does Mr. Oppenheimer prefer the Israeli citizen just stay down, bleed out, and die? I laud that man as a hero who stood up and said, you will not flee, I will pursue and kill you with the weapon you just used to try and take my life. That’s the message we need to send to Islamic jihadists.

I’m sorry, but this is exactly what the world does not need: Another doggone Islamapologist who would rather live in subjugation and mask his weakness under some banner of “peace.”

According to the ex-Lieutenant Colonel, the Oppenheimer case is indicative of a huge problem brewing in the U.S., in which liberals expect to make peace with killers.

Referring to Obama’s Iran nuclear deal, West stated, “This is the same idiocy that says we have to have a nuclear agreement with Iran and give them billions of dollars in order to avoid a confrontation.”

West expressed his concern that by giving “wussy boys” and “punks” a platform to express their opinions, Western society is cultivating an environment that shuns “real men of leadership, conviction, and courage.”

He also blasted Obama for throwing a Rose Garden celebration for the family of a deserter who served with “honor and distinction,” while sentencing another soldier – paratrooper, and first lieutenant Clint Lorance – to prison for premeditated murder for killing the enemy.

“It is this society that has demeaned strong men and created a Yariv Oppenheimer — and a Barack Obama,” he wrote.

These types of males are the reason why Parisians were gunned down. These types of males are the reason why women in Cologne, Germany were sexually assaulted and across Europe they’re being raped. These males are the reason why 14 were killed and another 21 wounded in San Bernardino and the response was “gun control.”



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