VIDEO: Chicago Trump Haters Mimic Taxpayer-Funded Black Panther Film


Some of the protesters who shut down GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s rally in Chicago last week show signs of being influenced by a recent taxpayer-funded PBS documentary about the Black Panthers.

Footage captured by video journalists Jeremy Segal and Andrew Marcus at the site, Rebel Pundit, shows two female protesters chanting: “Time to pick up the gun, the revolution has come…Free Huey!”

That exact chant was featured in the PBS documentary that aired to great media acclaim and social media awareness in mid February.

The two clips below show the sequence from the PBS film where Black Panthers chant the slogan that calls for an armed revolutionary overthrow of the United States government. The second clip is from the Rebel Pundit site and shows the same chant.

Huey refers to Black Panther party founder Huey P. Newton. Newton was murdered in front of a crackhouse in Oakland in 1989. It is unclear why the protesters were chanting for his freedom, although simple mimicry of the PBS documentary provides most logical explanation.

Here’s the entire clip from Rebel Pundit, a preview of some of the amazing footage he shot at the Trump Chicago event. The must-see video also shows the number of the disruptors were obviously Bernie Sanders fans.


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