WaPo Calls for Establishment Coup Against Trump

Trump Protesters AP

The Washington Post published an editorial on Thursday calling for the Republican Party to reject the will of its primary voters and to stage a brokered convention to prevent Donald Trump from becoming its presidential nominee.

The editorial argues that Trump is a dangerous demagogue who must be stopped by and legal means necessary:

DONALD TRUMP’S primary victories Tuesday present the Republican Party with a stark choice. Should leaders unite behind Mr. Trump, who has collected the most delegates but may reach the convention in July without a nominating majority? Or should they do everything they can to deny him the nomination? On a political level, this may be a dilemma. As a moral question, it is straightforward. The mission of any responsible Republican should be to block a Trump nomination and election.

… Mr. Trump must be stopped because he presents a threat to American democracy. Mr. Trump resembles other strongmen throughout history who have achieved power by manipulating democratic processes …

We are not advocating that rules be broken, but that they be employed to maximum effect – to force a brokered convention and nominate a conservative candidate who respects the Constitution, or to defeat Mr. Trump in some other way.

Read the full editorial here.



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