Sheriff Joe, Donald Trump: Protesters ‘Think They’re Going To Intimidate,’ ‘We’re Going To Be Heard’

AP Photo/Matt York
AP Photo/Matt York

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Phoenix, Arizona Saturday afternoon at Fountain Park despite numerous blockades by protesters which were set up along the highway and roads leading to the event, causing traffic to be backed up for miles.

Maricopa County Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who endorsed Trump, took the stage to introduce Trump and comment on the protesters, saying, “America is now going to realize where Fountain Hills, Arizona is…our next president picked this great town.”

“We had a little problem. Some demonstrators were trying to disrupt and because of them, you had to get a little more sunshine, but we made it,” he added.

Arpaio then said, “Three of them are in jail.”

The crowd cheered in response.

“They think they’re going to intimidate you and the next President of the United States,” Arpaio challenged. “Not going to happen.”

“Where was Hillary? How many times has she gone to Mexico…to stop the drug traffic and the illegal immigration problem?” he added, touting Trump’s strong stance on illegal immigration and border security.

“There’s no games with your sheriff, that’s for sure,” Trump said, commenting on the protesters, after Arpaio introduced him. “We’re going to be heard,” he added, saying the silent majority isn’t so silent anymore.

Trump said there will be “real change” when he is president. “I have such a spot in my heart for this country.”

Former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, who also endorsed Trump, also spoke at the rally, saying, “We have a president that has failed the American people and it’s time for a change.”

“We’re going to propel Donald Trump to that seat,” she added, referencing Arizona voters ahead of the state’s GOP primary on Tuesday.


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