Hostile Political Groups To Stake Out Donald Trump’s Monday Meeting With GOP Politicians

Trump Sessions Hahn
Julia Hahn

WASHINGTON – Anti-Donald Trump groups are threatening to send video-trackers to Trump’s Monday meeting with Republican lawmakers in Washington, D.C. to get attack-ad footage of Republicans who meet with him.

Trump is scheduled to meet with some Republicans at the Jones Day law firm’s office in D.C. in a meeting being arranged by Trump supporter, Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama. Trump is also speaking to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) later in the day.

Various anti-Trump campaign groups, or super PACs, including Our Principles PAC and Make America Awesome, have been pillorying Trump from every angle, though it is not clear at this time which PAC’s will send trackers to the Jones Day office.

Establishment commentators are already lining up to condemn any Republicans who do business with Trump.

Columnist George Will referred disparagingly Sunday to “Vichy Republicans” who are “coming to terms with” Trump and acting as “collaborators” with him. “Vichy” refers to the powerless French leaders who made a temporary peace-deal with Germany’s national socialist leader Adolf Hitler in 1940, after Hitler’s tanks destroyed the French army.

National Review editor Rich Lowry said Sunday that “we’ll see a lot of these rats in the form of Republican elected officials scurrying onto the [Trump] ship and as soon as it appears to be sinking in a general, they’ll scurry right back off.”

Breitbart News will continue to monitor this developing situation.