Donald Trump Tombstone Appears in Central Park as Online Threats Continue

Trump Tombstone @Gothamist

A tombstone for Donald Trump mysteriously appeared in Central Park this weekend, just one week after over a thousand avowed communists, socialists, Bernie Sanders fans, and pro-illegal immigration activists took part in an anti-Trump protest in Central Partk.

The Gothamist posted a tweet showing the tombstone, which reads “Made America Hate Again.”

As Breitbart News has reported, while the media and even other Republicans have castigated Trump for “violence,” in fact the calls for Trump’s death have gone unpunished on social media sites like Twitter.

The following tweets are just a sample from the last 24 hours:

Meanwhile, an Assassinate Donald Trump page has been reposted on Facebook. The page’s creator said that they don’t personally plan to kill Mr. Trump, but they believe it “should be done”:

Assassinate Donald Trump

March 25 at 3:10pm ·

I find it important to say for my own protection that I have no intention or interest in assassinating a presidential cacandidate. Rather, I think it’s something that should be done and I thinkths page nneeds to existsagain, since the Republicans whined it down.

Mr. Trump currently has Secret Service protection.

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