Women Opposing Indiana’s Abortion Law Harass Gov. Mike Pence with Calls About Periods

Periods for Pence hotline Facebook Pg Fox 59
Fox 59
Washington, DC

“Periods for Pence” is a social-media campaign that gained support after Indiana Gov. Mike Pence signed a new abortion bill into law.

“The group’s creator, who wishes to remain anonymous, said she was inspired to create the page after reading HEA 1337, which prevents women from aborting a fetus due to Down syndrome or other genetic abnormalities,” according to Fox 59 WXIN. “The measure also prohibits abortions sought on the basis of gender or race [and] Indiana is the second state in the nation to enact such a law.”

The Facebook page “Periods for Pence” drew more than 20,000 followers in three days, according to CNN.

“Periods for Pence” asks women to call the governor’s office and talk about their periods.

Fox 59 reports that Pence’s office confirmed it was receiving calls, but did not give an idea about how many.

Wednesday afternoon, “Periods of Pence” posted on Facebook, “Reports coming in that Pence has disconnected his phone lines! I wish I could give you all a reward sticker: My hoo ha made a difference today!”

Indiana’s GOP presidential primary election is just under one month away on May 3rd.


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