Reince Priebus Trusts Trump, Possibility of White Knight Candidate ‘Highly, Highly Unlikely’

Trump, Priebus APGETTY

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus said he doesn’t have any reason to distrust GOP frontrunner Donald Trump and that he doesn’t believe Trump will violate the RNC’s loyalty pledge.

“I’ve never had a situation where he has told me something and he hasn’t done it,” Priebus stated on Thursday during an interview with Bloomberg’s Maser in Politics podcast. “I don’t have any reason to distrust any of our candidates. Posturing and talking is different than actually violating. And they haven’t violated any pledge or any bit of loyalty to me.”

He added that Trump may need to soften his tone for the general election if he’s the Republican Party nominee.

“You do have to reach out to Hispanics, and black voters, and Asian voters, and you do have to watch your tone, and you do have to have a general-election message that builds and creates what I believe is the ultimate image of our party, which should be the open-door party,” he explained.

Priebus also referenced selecting a running-mate, saying, “There’s no experts on this stuff because no one’s ever been through it. So anyone who thinks they know a lot about a multi-ballot conventions is lying because they’ve never done it.”

He reportedly also said the likelihood of a white knight candidate coming out of the convention is “highly, highly unlikely.”


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