Penny Nance: ‘The Real War on Women Is Happening Around the World by Islamic Fascists’

Radical Salafi Islamists

President of Concerned Women for America Penny Nance warns Breitbart News Daily, “we are at a tipping point in this nation,” and says “conservative women are sick of being left out of the conversation.”

Nance, author of Feisty and Feminine: A Rallying Cry for Conservative Women, told host Alex Marlow her book is a opportunity for conservative women to “find their voice and protect future generations of Americans.”

“Hillary Clinton isn’t that popular with women, so much so that Madeleine Albright had to threaten us with hell to get woman to support Hillary Clinton in the primaries. I mean, it’s just ridiculous,” she said, noting Clinton’s very high unfavorables.

Nance also pointed out that Islam oppresses women far worse than the myth of the wage gap in First World nations.

“I take this up specifically in my book and talk about the real war on women,” she said. “The real war on women is happening around the world by Islamic fascists who are raping and abusing and selling children in slave markets, child brides, female genital mutilation, on and on and on. And when we use the term ‘war on women’ so cavalier and in such a fake way, we really diminish what’s happening to them.”

“The Left defines the war on women as the fact that the Little Sisters of the Poor don’t want to pay for Sandra Fluke’s birth control… We need to step up to the plate and call them out for this. I mean, it’s just outrageous,” she said. “And the fact we have a weak president, and weak leadership in this country, has made the entire world less safe and made women all over the world less safe.”

“The Left wants to make social justice about socialism,” she added. “Real social justice is ‘speaking for the lest of thee,’ and we can do this.”

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