Consultant Cheri Jacobus Sues Donald Trump for Twitter Defamation


Political consultant Cheri Jacobus has filed a defamation lawsuit against Donald Trump for allegedly disparaging her in a Tweet.

TMZ reports that Jacobus is suing Trump for the February Tweet, even though Jacobus admits in her lawsuit that she did indeed ask the Trump campaign to pay her $19,000 per month to serve as communications director:

Jacobus is suing for “at least $2 million,” according to TMZ.

Jacobus’s requested price tag of $19,000 per month would have amounted to a salary of $228,000 per year. Jacobus was reportedly negotiating with Trump as late as June, 2015.

Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski is also cited in Jacobus’ lawsuit.

John Nolte reported in August on Jacobus’s assertion that Trump “does have low information voters supporting him just like Obama did. People like you [Nolte] are egging him on to grow it”:

We now have a second top Republican consultant who appears to believe that trashing voters is the way to win elections. Cheri Jacobus, a consultant and cable television pundit, ripped into yours truly on Twitter over my criticism of  Gollum-In-Glasses Rick Wilson (which is fine — I enjoy infighting). What is not okay is Jacobus recklessly hurling demeaning insults at voters.

“They’re not the base and you know it,” Jacobus told Nolte, referring to Trump supporters. “You really think non low-info voters will overlook the disgusting stuff Trump says? You don’t.”


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