Ted Cruz Campaign Directly Engineered Georgia Delegate Coup

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Ted Cruz and his campaign directly engineered the statewide coup this weekend that led to pro-Trump delegate candidates being voted down in districts that he won in landslides.

Breitbart News has obtained evidence of documents produced by the Ted Cruz campaign that were handed out to people heading into district conventions in Georgia. One such document was an open letter from Cruz backing Katie Frost for national delegate. Frost won in the highly contentious third district. Trump supporter Debbie Dooley, who was voted down as delegate in the Cruz coup, said that Cruz is friends with Frost’s family.

“I am proud to support my friend Katie Frost as a delegate to the 2016 National Convention in Cleveland,” Cruz wrote in the letter. “Heidi and I have worked closely with Katie during this Presidential Campaign, traveling the country together and working in all sorts of venues and settings…Katie has not only become a valued team member, she has also become a dear friend of our family.”

katie Frost Cruz Letter

The Cruz campaign also printed suggested pro-Cruz delegate slates that were handed out to people entering the conventions, before the Cruz supporters started challenging pro-Trump delegates from the floor and replacing them with the recommended pro-Cruz names.

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Former Trump campaign grassroots coordinator Jeanne Seaver was voted down at her district convention in favor of an 18-year-old high school student who told her that he did not plan to vote for Trump on the second ballot. Seaver told Breitbart News that the student, William Clark, asked her for advice when he was starting out in the delegate process and “I told him the ropes.” The kicker?

“This gentleman even called me on the way to the convention because he was having difficulty finding the convention,” Seaver said.

Video shows that Dooley, anticipating the Cruz coup in the seventh district, said in her remarks that the results would be challenged by the Trump national campaign if the Cruz plot went through.