Trump Camp: Cruz-Fiorina Is the ‘Outsourcing Ticket’

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At an Indiana campaign rally on Wednesday, Donald Trump’s senior policy adviser Stephen Miller blasted the Cruz-Fiorina ticket as the “outsourcing ticket.”

Following Trump’s sweep of Tuesday night’s primaries, Sen. Ted Cruz was mathematically eliminated from reaching 1,237 delegates. Yet Cruz announced his appointment of former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina as his potential running mate.

“Carly Fiorina pioneered– pioneered– the practice of outsourcing jobs,” Miller said. “Her great legacy in business has been in finding a way to shift jobs to lower wage countries and replacing American workers with foreign workers. So I think we can all say that Ted Cruz, who supports offshoring jobs, and Carly Fiorina, who supports offshoring jobs, they’re now officially the outsourcing ticket.”

“A critical issue for the state of Indiana is steel production and manufacturing,” Miller said, noting that, “on the crucial trade vote in 2015, Ted Cruz voted for Barack Obama’s trade bill that would destroy… the middle class in this state.”

Miller asked the crowd: “Can Indiana vote for a man who sides with Barack Obama on trade? Or will Indiana vote for a man like Donald Trump who will put America first?”

Miller continued:

Now Ted Cruz, of course, has been mathematically eliminated, so none of us really even knows why he’s running anymore. Now I’m sure that you’ve seen, I’m sure you’ve all seen that the failing candidacy of Ted Cruz— after first planning to have a secret alliance with John Kasich— has now announced that he’s going to have a vice presidential pick… So in Indianapolis, you had Carrier plant shut down, other plants have been shut down, sent overseas, and Ted Cruz’s response to that is: ‘Let me find the Outsourcer in Chief to be my vice presidential candidate.’ So again, it’s the outsourcing ticket.

Miller also hit Cruz for opposing measures to crack down on Chinese currency manipulation. Miller told the crowd that in 2015, “Ted Cruz voted to continue Chinese currency cheating that’s sending all your jobs overseas. So I have a question for everyone here today: can you support a candidate like Ted Cruz who sides with China over America? Ted Cruz supports Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership, he supports Chinese currency cheating, and now he has the official outsourcing ticket of America to send every last Indiana job overseas.”

Miller concluded:

When Indiana sends Donald J. Trump to the White House, he is going to fight for all of you. He is going to fight for every American worker whose been left behind. He’s going to fight for a secure border. He’s going to fight for secure communities. Donald Trump is going to stand with our police. Donald Trump is going to stand with our manufacturers. Donald Trump is going to stand with the parents worried about their schools, worried about their jobs, worried about their wages… While Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina push to outsource your jobs, Donald J. Trump is going to fight for your jobs.


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