Kasich Surrogate: He’s Focusing on Oregon, New Mexico, California

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Former Ronald Reagan national security adviser and John Kasich supporter Robert McFarlane appeared on Breitbart News Saturday on Sirius/XM Channel 125 to discuss Kasich’s strategy going forward.

“Governor Kasich has been doing a lot of work in Indiana,” McFarlane said, noting Kasich’s work in appealing to delegates.

“Having done that in Indiana and laid a foundation, he’s able to put most of his effort into the states that come. That includes: Oregon, New Mexico, and ultimately California, so it is part of a strategy that is a ground game that has gone on for several months,” McFarlane said.

Kasich continues to battle Ted Cruz in delegates for a potential second or third ballot in Cleveland. Kasich won the Ohio primary, which gives him leverage in moving forward to a possibly contested convention.

McFarlane also talked about Kasich’s experience:

The last time we balanced the budget in this country it was Governor Kasich running the Budget Committee…Governor Kasich’s record on balancing the budget is an important factor. But another element to people’s thinking when they vote is going to be the national security, the foreign agenda, and the threats that worry people in our country after San Bernardino. And Governor Kasich is a man with twelve years on the Armed Services Committee and has knowledge of all the stresses of radical Islam … He’s working with a team of very experienced advisers” who will coach him, McFarlane said.


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