Donald Trump Knocks Cruz: Didn’t Help Carly When She Fell from Stage

Carly Looks at Cruz AP

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump criticized rival Sen. Ted Cruz for not giving help to Carly Fiorina, Cruz’s vice presidential candidate, when she took a fall off the stage during a campaign event on Sunday.

“Carly is perfectly nice. By the way, she fell off the stage the other day, did anybody see that?” Trump said to the crowd at his campaign rally on Monday afternoon in Carmel, Indiana. “And Cruz didn’t do anything! Even I would have helped her, ok?”

Trump added it was “the weirdest thing.”

“They showed it to me coming in. I said, ‘Wow, that’s really cruel.’ She fell off. She just went down,” Trump explained. “She went down right in front of him and he was talking, he kept talking!”


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