Watch College Students Say They Can’t See Differences Between the Two Sexes

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Young Americans at Seattle University have revealed how the ideology of fluid “gender identity” has paralyzed their common-sense understanding about men and women, the two sexes, biology, science and probability, according to a new video from a Washington state conservative group.

Joseph Backholm of the Family Institute of Washington took a camera to the Jesuit-run university to ask them about the differences between men and women.

He asked if the students were aware of the current controversy about “gender identity, gender expression issues, and the ability to access [restroom] facilities on those grounds.” Repeatedly, students insisted that the “gender identity” chosen by a person is more important than the obvious biological differences between the two sexes.

One coed said, “I think that gender is fluid, so if you want to use a bathroom because that’s a place and that’s a space where you feel comfortable and safe in doing so, then I think that’s completely fine.”

Another said, “I think that if – whoever you think you are – if you’re a male or female, then that’s the bathroom you should go into.”

When Backholm asked — “Is there a difference in your mind between men and women?” — the students were truly stumped.

“Um, no? Yes? I mean…”


“In general, yes, but I don’t know why I think that..”

“If you think you are a male, if you think you are a female, that matters more than the biological difference.”

“Socially, currently, yes, there is. There is no need for that difference to exist, scientifically and logically.”

These college-educated students also can’t figure out how to tell the difference between men and women. One said, “I don’t think there’s any one way to really distinguish between a man or a woman, and I don’t think it’s necessary.”

Another said, “By what people think they are … so you can’t like, judge someone just on like … their looks.”

When asked, however, what sex Backholm is, they got his sex right but weren’t entirely sure and then regretted their own binary prejudices.

“Just judging off your looks I would say you’re a male.”

“I would probably assume a man, but then, you never know.”

One co-ed correctly guess that Backholm is male and said her guess was based “on how I look at you” and she said her guess was a problem.

Each of the students said that the differences between men and women should not matter for any reason.

But one cautious student showed a clear understanding of science and probability when he was asked how to distinguish between men and women. “It has a high probability, like 98 percent of the time I can get it right [although] there is some ambiguity,” he said.

Washington State is dealing with a state-wide debate about gender ideology and whether men in dresses should be allowed to be in the same showers with women and girls. The state Human Rights Commission has ruled that this unusual arrangement must be allowed and has declared it an offense for people to even question someone about their adopted “gender identity.”

At the federal level, President Barack Obama is pushing states and the courts to adopt the “gender identity” ideology by championing legal rights for people who say they are transgender. Companies such as Target are also embracing the ideology.







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