Peter Schweizer: More ‘Clinton Cash’ Investigations Coming


In an interview with JP Carroll of the Daily Caller News Foundation, author Peter Schweizer discussed his the new documentary film Clinton Cash based on his bestselling book by the same name, which premiered during the Cannes film festival this week. Schweizer reveals that in addition to a “Clinton Cash” graphic novel, more investigations of the Clinton scandals are coming.

Read the excerpt from TheDCNF interview:

TheDCNF: So how does the documentary differ from the book?

PS: It’s taking the material from the book and we basically go into the narrative in a way that’s even more accessible. We wanted to make sure we document and footnote in detail in the timeline, we do that in the documentary but in a visual way that makes it more accessible. I realize there are people that are very busy that don’t have time to read through the book, so this is something more accessible. That’s the main motivation behind the documentary and we’re very excited about it.

TheDCNF: Besides the documentary, what else is going on with your investigations into the finances of the Clintons and what other ways can people inform themselves about all this?

PS: We are doing ongoing investigations, there will be more coming out in the coming month; these will be new, independent investigations. A paperback edition of the book, “Clinton Cash,” will be out in July with a new intro. In addition to the film, there will be a graphic novel, artists that worked on Batman and other comics, have done a fantastic job of putting together a visual of Clinton Cash, which will be out at some point in July or August.

TheDCNF: In a previous interview with Bloomberg, you revealed since publishing “Clinton Cash” you have received death threats and have security. Why take this precaution and to what extent do you have security?

PS: We do have security precautions that we take at home and in the office and when we travel in certain situations like Cannes, there are additional precautions that are taken. There’s a concern, not something directly related to the Clintons, but rather, concern over supporters that don’t like what we’ve revealed. We try to be low-key but you can’t spend life looking over your shoulder.

TheDCNF: Ultimately, what is the goal that you hoped to achieve with the book and now with the documentary?

PS: Educating audiences is the goal. With the Clintons, it’s looking at the concern of money and politics being taken into a whole new direction. Most voters understand and are concerned about money from Wall Street and major corporations but with the Clintons it goes far beyond Goldman Sachs and major corporations. The Clintons it seems allow foreign governments and foreign financiers to influence our political process. This is one of the few consensus points left regardless of political views – politics is a dirty game but only Americans can play it; the Supreme Court 2012 decision to summarily affirm in a 9-0 ruling, the lower court decision on Bluman vs. FEC, about foreign contributions to campaigns, makes this clear. What will shock people is the attempts to allow foreign money to influence our electoral process. The concern in my mind isn’t Wall Street but foreign entities and that’s unprecedented in American political history.

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Watch the Clinton Cash trailer below:


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