Elderly Homeowner Shoots Through Door, Kills Suspected Intruder

Elderly Homeowner Shoots Through Door, Kills Suspected Intruder

On May 23, a retired homeowner shot through a door, killing a suspect who was allegedly “trying to kick in [the] front door.”

The incident occurred around 1 a.m. in Wilson, North Carolina.

According to WRAL, 71-year-old homeowner Paul Morgan said he and his wife were asleep when they heard the sound of someone kicking their front door. He grabbed the gun he keeps by the bed and went to the door, where his wife believes multiple suspects were allegedly trying to kick the door down.

Morgan said he yelled for the alleged intruders to stop, but they allegedly continued trying to break the door open, so he opened fire. Police arrived to find one suspect lying dead on the sidewalk.

Morgan explained that he did what had to be done in order to protect himself and his wife:

I didn’t have no choice but to stop him cause I wasn’t going to let him come in here and hurt me. I couldn’t take that chance. You know anytime someone coming in your house at one o’clock at night — got nerve enough to try to break in your house — you know they probably have something going to kill me and her both. I couldn’t take that chance.

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