Larry Kudlow Praises Trump Economic Plan: I’ve Given ‘Informal Advice’ to Trump, Would be Honored to Serve in His Administration

Donald Trump

“On the whole, I think it’s pro-growth, and I do think it’s free-market,” CNBC senior contributor, radio host, and legendary free-market champion Larry Kudlow said of Donald Trump’s economic platform on Wednesday’s edition of Breitbart News Daily.

He said he “vehemently supports” Trump’s proposal to lower U.S. corporate tax rates to 15 percent from the current 35 percent, taking them from one of the highest business-choking rates in the world to among the lowest – even better than Britain’s incoming rate of 17 percent.

“I saw, Heaven forbid, my great friend, and I mean this, my great pal Holman Jenkins wrote a positive review in today’s Wall Street Journal about Donald Trump’s energy speech, which I thought was a very good speech,” Kudlow observed.

As Bannon noted, it’s very newsworthy when the Wall Street Journal writes approvingly of Trump.

“Holman is not a supporter of Trump,” Kudlow agreed, “and by the way I love Holman, I just want to make that clear. I’m just saying, it’s interesting to me, if you’re talking about lower marginal tax rates, if you’re talking about pullback in regulations, Donald Trump is your man. If you’re talking about free market energy production, ‘all of the above’ quote-unquote, Donald Trump is your man.”

“I think Trump may not be a pure free-market guy, but nonetheless, he’s a growth guy,” he said. “He’s an opportunity guy. He believes in the incentive model – it has to pay to work. He wants to increase take-home pay.”

“I, and others from our Committee to Unleash Prosperity, have provided some informal advice,” to the Trump campaign, Kudlow disclosed.

He said he was not looking for a formal position in a prospective Trump Administration, such as economic adviser or Secretary of the Treasury, but added, “My general rule is that when Presidents ask for help, you give it to them. That’s all. Because I love America.”

He said he would be content to help Trump formulate his economic policies, “because I am a free market capitalist, I am a supply-sider.”

“It’s funny – for some reason Donald, at least among his critics, never gets any credit, but he’s the only guy in the campaigning with a 15% corporate tax rate, and he wants personal tax reform,” said Kudlow. “He wants business investment to help our productivity problem. We’ve had a malaise, a stagnant economy, for fifteen years, under Republicans and Democrats.”

“So I think Trump’s instincts are pretty good. His team has asked us for some help, and we have, as I said, informally supplied it,” he said.

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