Vox Excuses Trump Rally Violence: Rioters Feel He Poses Personal, Categorical, Existential Threat


Dara Lind writes in Vox that supporters of Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump will continue to be menaced at campaign rallies because their Democrat assailants view Trump as “an existential threat.”

Lind writes:

A lot of political commentators recognize that Donald Trump poses a categorical threat to established norms of American democracy, governance, and society. They believe that he represents (whether intentionally or not) an ideology that is hostile to groups of nonwhite Americans.

In other words, they believe there are Americans to whom Trump poses an existential threat.

You don’t have to agree with protesters beating up Trump supporters, or even sympathize with them, to understand this. There are people who feel Trump’s rise puts their lives in danger. And many people make decisions about what actions are “appropriate” differently when they feel personally under threat.

Lind’s comments are in keeping with Vox deputy editor Emmett Rensin, who called for anti-Trump protesters to double down on their rioting.

As a Democrat mob attacked Trump supporters at a San Jose rally on Thursday, Rensin tweeted: “Advice: If Trump comes to your town, start a riot.”




Vox founder Ezra Klein has since issued a statement condemning Rensin’s tweets and announcing that Rensin “has been suspended as a consequence.”


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