Donald Trump Broadens Base of support, As Hillary Clinton Courts Extremists

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a news conference at Trump Tower on May 31, 2016 in New York City.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Each successive week of this historic presidential campaign brings the issues facing voters into clearer focus. Last week, Donald Trump closed the deal on the Republican presidential nomination while the Democrats escalated their internecine combat.

Trump has broadened his base of support by emphasizing job creation, economic growth and national security, while the two Democratic candidates have descended into a slugfest to determine which can genuflect lower before the radical, anti-capitalist, anti-Israel fringe of the Democratic Party.

One thing Trump knows how to do is build. Time and again, he has assembled teams of the most capable, qualified people to create some of the world’s most iconic properties. But Trump is not just a builder of luxury towers and hotels; he is a leader and a creator of jobs.

Trump knows how to spot opportunity and seize it. He has applied this same winning formula to campaigning. As an outsider to politics, he heard the people of this country calling for someone with business savvy and a willingness to break the political mold by speaking the truth. He devised a broad strategy, brought together the right team to execute it, and readily adapted it to the various attacks directed at him. As a result, a record-breaking number of voters (over 11,540,000) have responded to his vision and rewarded him with the Republican nomination.

Compare this successful formula with the dysfunction engulfing the Democratic Party. Last week, while Trump was securing his party’s nomination, the Democrats sank further into an abyss of their own making. Secretary Clinton has failed to put away her opponent and, troublingly, she has kowtowed to her party’s radical, socialist, far-left flank in an attempt to peel supporters away from Senator Sanders.

The latest example is her acquiescence to the appointment by Senator Sanders of extremists to her party’s platform committee. Secretary Clinton’s shift to the far-left to secure her party’s nomination is a desperate attempt to defeat Senator Sanders that has justifiably alarmed many in the Jewish community, as well as millions of non-Jews.

For example, Cornel West, a self-avowed democratic socialist who is now on the Democratic platform committee, and James Zogby, another Sanders’ appointee to the platform committee, each espouse virulent anti-Israel views and yet they find themselves holding positions of influence thanks to the Democratic candidates. For West, Hamas’ indiscriminate and intentional attacks on Israeli civilians somehow pale in comparison to what he maliciously called the “slaughter of innocent civilians” by our ally, Israel. West has referred to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a “war criminal,” and, in the same speech, to President Obama as one as well.

What does it say about the state of a Democratic Party if the drafters of its national platform consider its standard-bearer for the past eight years a war criminal? For his part, Zogby, one of the leading advocates of the anti-Israel BDS movement in the U.S., has equated the “plight of the Palestinians” with the Holocaust. This comparison is grossly offensive to the memory of the millions of innocent people murdered by the Nazis and reveals a willful ignorance of history, blinded by hatred of Israel. These are the people who will be writing the platform for the Democratic Party.

What hope does Israel have of receiving fair treatment in such an environment? What positions of influence would Secretary Clinton grant these dangerous individuals should she take the White House?

Trump knows there is absolutely no moral equivalency between Hamas’ use of civilian human shields to fire missiles at Israel and Israel’s attempts to stop those missiles from launching in the first place. Trump will also seek to ensure that Iran never obtains nuclear weapons. Furthermore, Trump is the only candidate who stands any chance of facilitating a lasting peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through the use of his well-known abilities as a dealmaker.

Compare the promises made by Secretary Clinton and Senator Sanders of massive new taxes that would weaken America’s competitiveness and cripple job creation with the promises made by Trump to bring jobs back to America and negotiate trade deals that actually make sense for our country, and you will know which candidate is actually capable of ensuring our country’s economic success.

Compare the Democrats’ association with hate-mongers, BDS supporters and those who demonize our staunch ally Israel with Trump’s life-long support of Israel and his unwavering dedication to the one true democracy in the Middle East, and you will know which candidate will be a true friend to Israel. Let us choose wisely while the choice is still ours to make.

We need Donald J. Trump.

Jason Greenblatt is an Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer of The Trump Organization and a Co-Founder of Follow Jason on Twitter @JasonDovEsq