Josh Earnest: We’re Not Reviewing Or Fixing Scrubbed Transcript


White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest is still facing questions from reporters about the missing words in a White House press briefing transcript, but refused to fix or review the mistakes pointed out by reporters. 

Fox News reporter James Rosen again brought up the incident during today’s press briefing, challenging the notion that the response was “inaudible” although the transcript didn’t include that description.

“Why did the May 9 transcript not contain the word inaudible?” Rosen said.

“James, I don’t write the transcript,” Earnest replied.

“You care about their quality, though, I assume?” Rosen said.

“Of course I do, James. Of course I do,” Earnest said.

Later in the exchange, Rosen tried again:

“Why if you’re asserting there was crosstalk that made something inaudible, that the word inaudible did not appear at the appropriate place?”

“Yeah I don’t know,” Earnest replied.

“I guess the final question is, are you willing to review that video one more time, Josh, with an eye toward possibly amending it as it should be amended?” Rosen asked.

“No,” Earnest replied shortly.


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