Outside ‘Bernie’s Diner,’ Sanders Supporters Slam Associated Press

Bernie's (Dustin Stockman / Breitbart News)
Dustin Stockman / Breitbart News

A famous Los Angeles diner that had been converted into a central hub for supporters of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was closed Tuesday night as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton claimed the Democrat nomination for President of the United States.

Many of the people outside Bernie’s felt cheated by the timing of the Associated Press announcement on Monday, announcing that Clinton had clinched the nomination based on the party’s “superdelegates.”

“Yesterday, when they were announcing that she already had enough delegates, it was the exact same thing as [George W.] Bush in Florida [in 2000],” a man named Freddie ,who identified himself as a former Hillary supporter, said. “It’s like, dude, you’re playing old politics, why are you doing this?”

“I’m not surprised the AP did that last night, but am I upset? Yes I am,” Rick Sanchez told Breitbart News when asked about the AP’s call for Hillary Monday. Referring to the email scandal that has plagued the Clinton campaign, he said: “I hope Bernie won’t drop out tonight, because Hillary still is under investigation by two different government agencies for the same issue.”

A steady trickle of disappointed Sanders supporters trickled by the diner, on the corner of Wilshire and Fairfax in Los Angeles, to take pictures and to speak with each other about how to move forward.

“I’ve been a lifelong Democrat, in all honesty, and I was willing to give Hillary my vote at the very very beginning, you know, when she began campaigning.” Rick Sanchez said, wearing his Bernie Sanders T-shirt. “I’m never ever going to vote for Trump but it would really really conflict me to put that vote in for Hillary … I never want to have to feel that feeling of voting for a politician or candidate with that much blood dripping out of her political career and political record. I couldn’t do it, whether it’s male or female, it has nothing to do with gender.”

“Bernie has not been getting fair treatment in the media because the media basically is in the pocket of Hillary,” a passionate Bernie supporter named Arnold said. “The big corporations, and everything, basically want Hillary to be president because everything will stay the same.”

“We need to move the energy and the movement Bernie has built into the Green Party and build that party into a real force,” a twenty-something female wearing an “I voted” sticker said. “I’m really hoping that Bernie doesn’t give in, and gets behind the Greens.”

All the people Breitbart News spoke with outside Bernie’s Diner wanted the seventy-four year old socialist to keep fighting all the way to the Democrat convention in Philadelphia in July, but many had worried he would end his campaign Tuesday night.

Sanders seemed to be listening to their concerns when he refused to drop out of the race in his speech late Tuesday night in Santa Monica.


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