Transgender Bathroom Solution — and More

David Webb

Whether you have OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or aftermarket, whatever is in your underwear below the navel, that’s the bathroom you use.

  1. No laws or bathroom monitors required.
  2. I don’t care who (Oscar de la Renta, Levi’s, or otherwise) you’re wearing.
  3. I don’t care what you do with your personal life, and you pay for your identity preference or choice (e.g. Bradley/Chelsea Manning).
  4. You, whoever “you” are on any side of the issue, better damn well respect the rights of others if you want the same.
  5. Extend #4 to just about any issue in some form.

Now that I have your attention using the latest “big issue,” continue reading.

Wag the Dog is a late 90s movie of mediocre fame. A fake war cooked up by a Hollywood producer to cover a U.S. president’s bad response to an unproven accusation. Watch the movie if you wish for the rest of the plot development. Now, we have a “tail wagging the dog” society where the modern-day perceived dog whistle or outrage can originate with a tweet or other social media post and then be driven by unchecked and unverified fervor by the asses and the masses. We’ve gone beyond debates on issues to suppression of dissenting opinions and too often outright oppression by every means available.

Scope in many instances is no longer an important part of many debates. Vastly different from individual rights as protected by our United States Constitution, the scope of the issue is not even considered. We’ve become a “create a solution for a problem that does not exist” society, and if the issue exists, scope is ignored.

Consequences, intended or unintended, will occur. Take the example of Haines, Alaska senior Nattaphon Wangyot, a self-identifying transgender male who takes hormones and competed in the all-state track and field finals against girls as young as ninth grade. Now, some of the born- female competitors are crying foul. I wonder how many of Wangyot’s girls’ volleyball and basketball teammates had anything to say during their seasons. If they said anything, would the school board and other interested parties have labeled them as some form of phobic?

The government sector the Department of Veterans Affairs, which has a mountain of existing issues, and in many cases lives on the line, is now considering a proposed rule posted on the White House’s Office of Management and Budget website that would end the longstanding ban on gender reassignment surgery. A simple question: how does this in scope relate to the Department of Veterans Affairs’ mandate to serve the hundreds of thousands of veterans and family members, many of whom are currently underserved?

In many of our colleges and universities, and even on some high school campuses, the “safe space” crowd is afraid of their own shadow, but more than willing to step on yours with their institutional victimhood and intellectual cowardice.

However, all is not lost, and the pendulum will swing back to the center in time, towards common sense, as it has done in the past. For example, the Georgia ACLU director, Maya Dillard Smith, resigned after her elementary school-age daughters were “visibly frightened” when three transgender women, “all over six feet tall, all with really deep voices, all … obviously men,” entered the bathroom with them in Oakland, California. She still supports “Finding Middle Ground” on the issue, also the name of the website she created. The main point here is that consideration of other points of view is also important.

When suppression in the public arena via social media or other outlets or even by a form of libel and legal terrorism no longer works, violence is the next likely tactic.

Protests, no matter the point of view, but primarily from the left and combined with the anti-American crowd, have too often become violent and destructive. Property, even unassociated with the actual target, e.g. police cars and businesses, are targets of opportunity. Instead of condemning such behavior, it is often explained and excused. In the case of Baltimore after the death of Freddie Gray, the city officials gave the rioters an area to target under the guise of cooling off. Who gave the city the right to choose “your” property as okay to destroy by criminals?

This support for illegal behavior comes largely from those on the left, like President Obama at the top on Black Lives Matter, to MSNBC at the bottom of the cable ratings on every leftist agenda item. For years, I have gone inside these protests and interviewed as many as possible on multiple aspects of these issues. I don’t care to save the world on my own. No one person can do this. One of my tasks, as should be yours in life, is to make our part of it, small or large, a better place. If more of us did our part in this manner, whatever our platform, the world would be a better place.

I’m no idealist. There are good and bad people and many in between, often based on time and circumstance. Stand with the good, punish or eliminate the bad, and watch the in-between for which way they fall; then, act accordingly.

Andrew Breitbart said, “Politics is downstream from pop culture.” Take an honest look at our culture — especially among many millennials, the leftover hippies, the institutional left — and you may well understand much more of our current social and political landscape. Too often the political class responds to the loudest, but not necessarily the best, voices.

There will be many who read this article and choose to attack and demonize, rather than consider and discuss. By doing so, you make yourself irrelevant to the real debate and lessen the chances of solutions, even one you may not like.


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