VIDEO: Teacher Stands Guard with Yardstick to Protect Students from Shooter

Video Shot
Video Shot

On June 9, a teacher was forced to prepare to use a yardstick to protect students from an alleged gunman on campus.

The incident occurred at A.I. Prince Technical High School in Hartford, Connecticut.

According to Fox 61, an unidentified student sent a text message claiming to have a gun and that an attack was imminent. The student sent a message “on social media,” which said, “I got a gun in my bookbag and I’m deff gonna shot up the junior lunch way for what they did to me a couple month back.”

WTVR reports the school was placed on lockdown when the threat was discovered, and one teacher, Paula Butterfield, stood guard over her classroom with a yardstick.

Sophomore Camani Bell shot the video of Butterfield standing at the classroom door with a yardstick. Bell said, “I thought we were going to die, but she’s like, ‘No. I have you guys. I will protect you. Just stay calm and stay put.'”

Fox 61 described Butterfield as “armed with a yardstick, standing guard.”

In the end, police discovered there was no gun, but the student who made the threat was apprehended.

This incident shines a light on the problem of unarmed teachers in schools. While Butterfield’s willingness and determination to protect her students at all costs deserve praise, the fact that she was going to have face a gunman with nothing but a yardstick is unconscionable.

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