Double Standard Favors Gays in Salt Lake City Police Force

A car flies the gay pride flag in protest past the Mormon Conference center during the 179th Semi-Annual General Conference of the Mormon church on October 3, 2009 in Salt Lake City, Utah.
George Frey/Getty Images

Two years ago a decorated Salt Lake City police officer was investigated for discrimination.

He was suspended and eventually resigned from the force for asking he not be assigned to perform motorcycle choreography in the annual gay pride parade. Police Chief Chris Burbank publicly branded Eric Moutsos a bigot.

Fast forward two years. On social media, Kevin Stayner, an openly gay police officer, attacked Mormons and their faith and he is about to be promoted. He posted the following on Facebook:

If you’ve expressed support for the Mormon Church in the last couple of days I’ll be deleting you. I find their rhetoric offensive, their policies bigoted and their Christianity flawed. If this offends you, good. You aren’t a martyr for supporting that church; you’re an asshole. I spend enough of my time cleaning up the excrement of society. I refuse to tolerate it from my friends.

Stayner posted this in response to the policy announced by the Mormon Church that they would no longer baptize children living with gay parents. Though the post was taken down almost immediately, the announcement that Stayner is up for a promotion has revived the controversy.

According to the Salt Lake City Tribune, Stayner is the police liaison to the LGBT community and also the “peer review officer” a post that places him as a counselor to officers with personal problems, including Mormon officers.

The climate in the Utah state capital is very gay-friendly. The mayor is gay. The gay flag flies at the state capital. Even the Girl Scouts have special troop for gay and trans girls.

In an exclusive interview, Eric Moutsos, now selling solar panels, told Breitbart News:

We live in a day and age where if you privately ask to not want to celebrate in a homosexual parade as a religious accommodation, the Government will destroy you publicly and immediately; however, if you publicly (via social media) spew true bigotry and hatred toward a constitutionally protected class of religious observers, the Government will quickly promote you.

The fact they did nothing about this months ago only underscores the double standard that is evident here in Salt Lake City. Truly, they are only solidifying his words of hatred to be their very words of hatred. Mormons living, working, or passing though Salt Lake City, should be very concerned.

The Salt Lake City police force said the Stayner matter has been investigated and he has been cleared, something that Eric Moutsos finds appalling.

“Bear in mind, this is a city that houses the headquarters of the Mormon faith, and the inception of this state was the forced immigration of Mormon settlers who ironically were fleeing religious bigotry and discrimination; no doubt, the founders of this great state are rolling in their graves,” he said.

In recent months the Mormon Church and the state of Utah have tried to work out what has come to be known as the “Utah compromise,” where the state legislature passed a strong anti-discrimination law that is said to have explicit protections for religious freedom. The compromise was praised by the anti-Christian Human Rights Campaign, the same group suing its $50 million a year power to force North Carolina to allow biological males into women’s showers.


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