Bernie Sanders Supporters Promote ‘Clinton Cash,’ Bash Elizabeth Warren for Endorsing Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders Supporters Promote ‘Clinton Cash’ While Bashing Elizabeth Warren for Endorsing Hillary Clinton
Real Progressives/Facebook

Supporters of Bernie Sanders’ presidential bid have taken to social media to blast Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) for endorsing Hillary Clinton, “the worst nominee of the Democratic Party.”

The Real Progressives Facebook page, which boasts more than 36,000 followers and fans, posted a picture of both Clinton and Warren side-by-side with the words, “We understand betrayal” written above their faces.

When avid Sanders supporter Donald Mersel shared the Real Progressives meme, he captioned the post with, “Surely, Elizabeth Warren read Clinton Cash by Peter Schweizer So why is she endorsing the worst nominee of the Democratic Party??”

“Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt person to run for President and even is under FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation,” Mersel’s post read, and included the hashtag ‪#‎ClintonCash‬.

Within hours, Mersel’s post had garnered hundreds of likes. He continued to promote Clinton Cash by linking to a video of CNN host Michael Smerconish interviewing Breitbart editor-at-large Peter Schweizer and author of The New York Times bestselling book, who laid out some of the allegations from the Clinton Cash book and documentary.

I just can’t believe they would treat us this way, it’s like they think we’re stupid,” said commenter Rachna Radar in reaction to Mersel’s #ClintonCash meme.

Indeed, Clinton Cash was the first published work of its kind to meticulously scrutinize the millions of dollars in donations received by the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation from foreign governments and foreign individuals, while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.

The Bernie Sanders supporters’ bashing of Warren for her support of Hillary Clinton came just days after Hollywood A-list actress and avid Bernie Sanders supporter Susan Sarandon blasted Senator Warren on Twitter for her endorsement of Clinton for president.

The far-left actress accused Warren of supporting a “candidate who represents everything [she] has fought against.”

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