Paul Ryan: Knee-Jerk Gun Control Not Orlando Solution

Paul Ryan on June 9, 2016, in Washington, D.C.
Allison Shelley/Getty Images

House Speaker Paul Ryan says he opposes expanding gun control via the terror watch list, saying such a move is threat to “due process.”

Huffington Post reporter Matt Fuller sent a tweet with a quote from Ryan, which said, “We do not take away a citizen’s right without due process.”

During his weekly press briefing Ryan focused on due process and said he will “stand up and defend the constitution” against proposals that “take away a person’s rights without their due process.”

He said the right approach to at this time is to focus on the alleged attacker–rather than the right to own firearms–and figure out how the FBI handled the investigation in Omar Mateen.

(See 15:50 mark in Press Briefing video)

Ryan says the right path going forward is “to dig in the bottom of [the Mateen investigation] and see if refinements on how they adjudicate this cases” is needed. “We need to know more about, what is that the FBI learned when they visited with him, why did they take him off the list. There is a lot that Congress has to do to get to the bottom of this particular case to make sure that if any mistakes were made they are not to be repeated.”

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