Illegal Immigrants Arrested for Rape in Iowa, Tulsa as Feds Apprehend 331 in Midwest

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In the same week that federal immigration officials announced the apprehension of 331 illegal immigrants in the Midwest, several more were arrested for rape in Iowa and Oklahoma.

Police in West Union, Iowa, reported the arrest of Pedro Candido, 41, an illegal alien charged with raping an 11-year-old girl in Fayette County. The abuse of the little girl continued for close to a year, authorities said.

If convicted, he would receive up to 75 years in prison.

In another case, this one in Tulsa, Oklahoma, 26-year-old Adrian Sanchez Alverez was arrested on several charges, including rape and burglary, when he was found attacking a woman who was sleeping in her apartment on June 13.

Alvarez, who apparently doesn’t speak English, attacked the woman in her bed but ran off after a tussle with the woman’s boyfriend.

Surveillance video showed Alvarez skulking around the apartment building despite his claims of being at a bar during the time of the attack.

Alvarez was given a $73,500 bail.

The two incidents come on the heels of an announcement of the results of a sweep for illegal immigrants carried out by agents of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. The sweep gathered up 331 illegal aliens in Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Kentucky.

Those taken into custody already had convictions for crimes like sexual assault, rape, and other violent crimes such as aggravated assault and drug offenses.

Meanwhile, according to the Washington Times, the 331 arrested in this most recent sweep is a drop in the bucket as tens of thousands of illegal immigrants are surging across the border in yet another wave of illegal aliens racing to enter the U.S. to take advantage of Obama’s lax enforcement of our immigration laws.

It is now only halfway through the year and the avalanche of illegal aliens has already topped the number of lawbreakers during the whole of 2015, the Times reported.

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