EXCLUSIVE–Darrell Issa: There Is Enough Evidence to Indict Hillary Clinton

Issa Newsom
AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Republican California Rep. Darrell Issa said that there is enough evidence to indict Hillary Clinton for mishandling national security information on her private email server.

“There is more than enough for an indictment,” Issa, the former House Oversight Committee chairman, told Breitbart News Saturday on Sirius/XM Patriot Channel 125. Issa explained:

The statute about classified material holds you responsible not to transmit in an unsecured environment or to a person not cleared. It holds you accountable not to do that. Not based on whether there’s the word ‘Secret’ all over it, but based on the presumption that you would recognize that classified material. She transmitted things like — I don’t want to disclose anything — like a mayor in Afghanistan who was working with us, and if that material becomes available to the wrong people, she gets killed. You don’t have to ask whether that’s classified. As an army lieutenant years ago, I knew that would be classified because it goes to sources and methods.

Breitbart News exclusively reported that Clinton posted and shared the names of CIA-protected American intelligence sources in foreign countries on her non-secure server, which was repeatedly breached by Russia-linked hack attempts and suffered a security vulnerability in East Asia. Sources report that the Russian government intercepted and plans to release some of Clinton’s private emails, which convicted hacker Guccifer also claims to have obtained. Issa said:

We know that Hillary Clinton broke the law with malice and forethought, for her own nefarious reasons including Clinton Cash, and the deals she and her husband were pocketing in hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign money. She wanted that to be kept behind closed doors. And she also wanted everything she did in an official capacity to be behind closed doors that were never available to this president even. She did that because she doesn’t know where the line is and she didn’t want to take the chance that her official side would expose her corrupt behavior in her personal life.

Issa said that while there is enough evidence to indict, the American people will have to play judge and jury in November’s election.

“It’s not even a high bar. To be considered to be president of the United States, you are supposed to be completely free of this kind of treachery against your country,” Issa said.

Before he stepped down from his chairmanship due to term limits, Issa waged the prosecution of the IRS targeting scandal, holding Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress in a full House vote.  Issa also monitored the Fast and Furious scandal and other Obama administration ethical quagmires. Since Issa was replaced by Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz — who defeated conservative Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan for the chairmanship with the help of Republican House leadership — the Oversight Committee has declined as an investigative tool and political weapon for the Republican Congress.


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