Gay YouTube Star Tells Hillary Clinton, ‘The People Don’t Like You…You Don’t Speak for Me’

Gay Plea YouTube

A gay budding YouTube star is out with a bold new video accusing Hillary Clinton of being disliked by the American people for her scandals and for her propensity to throw minorities “under the bus,” citing her past opposition to gay marriage.

Breitbart News recently featured a YouTube video made by a user who calls himself “The Sleeping Giant,” and identifies himself as “a disaffected former liberal who just so happens to be gay.” In the aftermath of the Orlando nightclub terrorist attack by an Islamic radical, the man’s emotional appeal to the gay community to vote for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton went viral.

The man has followed up on that video with a new release delving further into his feelings about Clinton, and spelling out a strategy for common people to bypass Clinton’s control of the mainstream media and try to win the presidential election on social media instead.

“Hillary Clinton, we’ve had enough,” the man says in the new clip. “I’ve had enough. We’re sick of seeing our guy plastered on the front of every mainstream media source, just attack after attack after attack. While you — who are covered up to your flabby neck in scandal — you don’t hear a peep. And that’s going to stop. Because you may have mainstream media in your pocket. But not social media. And I think that’s going to be the bane of your campaign because you cannot silence the voices of everyday Americans.”

“The people, they don’t like you,” he adds. “It’s not because you’re a woman. It’s because of your actions…We’re going to expose you to an entire generation of young people who are not old enough to know you in the Nineties. The minorities that you claim to champion, you’ve thrown under the bus countless times when it’s politically expedient for you to do so…”


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