Donald Trump Officially Announces Mike Pence as VP, Holding Joint Presser in NYC on Saturday

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump (R) and Indiana Governor Mike Pence (L) take the stage during a campaign rally at Grant Park Event Center in Westfield, Indiana, on July 12, 2016. / AFP / Tasos KATOPODIS (Photo credit should read
New York City, NY

NEW YORK CITY, New York — Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump officially announced Friday morning on Twitter that Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is his pick for vice president (VP).

According to the Trump campaign website, the two will appear together at a news conference in New York City at 11 a.m. on Saturday. CNN originally reported Pence and Trump would appear together in New Jersey on Saturday.

The choice of Pence as VP has pleased movement conservatives, who say Pence can help unite the Republican Party ahead of the general election.

The American Conservative Union’s Matt Schlapp praised Pence’s conservative record in a statement on Friday:

This is a great day for conservatism and great news for conservatives. Governor Mike Pence is an excellent pick to be the Vice President,” Schlapp praised. “He is a proven leader who has worked with grassroots conservatives to advance policies and solutions that strengthen our economy, our national defense, and our families. His Reagan-esque approach, as a great communicator with the courage of his convictions, sends the signal to conservatives across America that Donald Trump is eager to bring Americans together to reject Hillary Clinton’s plans to continue President Obama’s radical agenda. We are proud to call Mike and his wife Karen friends of ACU and we are very pleased with this selection.

Chairman of Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Jenny Beth Martin suggested that Pence makes for “a more principled ticket.”

“Governor Mike Pence provides the opportunity to give GOP voters still undecided about Donald Trump a reason to unite and to vote for a more principled ticket,” Martin stated on Friday. “A Trump-Pence ticket could be just what Trump needs to unite the party and win.”

She added:

Gov. Pence passed the largest tax cut in Indiana’s history and in turn created economic growth and jobs for his constituents. Mike Pence is a man who time after time does what he thinks is best for conservative principles, the country, and his party. Once again he’s putting those principles first by walking away from a winning reelection campaign to do what’s best for the country to help stop the election of Hillary Clinton and the continuation of Barack Obama’s corrupt policies.

Other groups to applaud Pence as Trump’s VP include: the Club for Growth, Concerned Women for America, and the Susan B. Anthony List.

Trump originally planned to announce Pence as his VP during a press conference in New York City on Friday morning, but due to the terrorist attack in Nice, France, he postponed the event. Reports emerged Thursday afternoon that Pence was tapped as Trump’s VP, but the campaign didn’t confirm those reports until Friday.