Oregon Governor: Universal Background Checks Not Enough, Ban ‘High Capacity’ Mags

The Associated Press
Anna Reed/Statesman-Journal via AP

Just over a year after instituting universal background checks, Oregon Governor Kate Brown (D) is pushing a ban on the purchases of “high capacity” magazines.

Brown is also pushing for an expansion of gun bans for domestic violence and is calling on Congress to enact an “assault weapons” ban.

According to the The Seattle Times, Brown suggests “high capacity” magazines allowed the Orlando gunman to kill large numbers of people when he opened fire in a gun-free zone. She said, “Those magazines allowed him to fire his weapon repeatedly without stopping to reload, without pause that might have given his victims or law enforcement a chance to stop him.”

Brown’s statement ignores the findings of a Virginia Tech review board, which declared that a “high capacity” magazine ban “would not have made that much difference” in April 2007 attack on that campus. Seung-Hui Cho opened fire in a gun-free zone, killing 32. The reason a “high capacity” magazine ban would not have changed much is because the victims at whom he shot were disarmed; he had all the time in the world to change magazines if he used 10-round ones instead of 15.

In addition the new controls, Brown has also used an executive order to require “Oregon State Police to keep a five-year record of state-firearm transactions,” a clear harbinger of a gun owner’s database to come.

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