Politico: Sanders Delegates Revolt on Convention Floor

AP Photo/John Locher

Kyle Cheney writes at Politico about the disunity and bedlam at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, where supporters of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders are drowning out the speakers on stage.

The Democratic National Convention began Monday with a frantic — and failed — attempt to stave off discord and disorganization, as aides to Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders struggled to prevent a prime-time revolt by Sanders allies furious over their candidate’s treatment by the Democratic National Committee.

Enraged Sanders allies shouted down speakers, ignoring appeals from Sanders himself to project unity. Senior Clinton and Sanders aides huddled throughout the evening in the convention center’s boiler room and on the floor, strategizing about how to prevent an embarrassing display of discord when the convention’s prime-time schedule begins — and features remarks from Sanders, First Lady Michelle Obama and Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

But as speaker after speaker strode to the dais and urged delegates to back Clinton, pro-Sanders delegates chanted “Bernie” and “No TPP!” a reference to the multinational trade deal that Sanders railed against.

In the moments before the convention gaveled in, Clinton aide Marlon Marshall and Sanders deputy campaign manager Rich Pelletier huddled to discuss preventing visible disruptions by Sanders allies. Throughout the opening hours, Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver and senior Strategist Mark Longabaugh, along with Marshall, Clinton campaign manager Robbie Mook and senior adviser Charlie Baker worked to soothe the discord, passing instructions to Sanders floor whip leader Robert Becker and Clinton’s floor whip leader Donnie Fowler.

Sanders sent out a last-minute text message to his delegates encouraging them to “not engage in any kind of protest on the floor.”

“It’s of utmost importance you explain this to your delegations,” Sanders wrote in the text, signed simply “Bernie.”

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