Black Lives Matter Protesters Demand White Reporters Stand Behind Black Reporters


During another Black Lives Matter (BLM) rally in Philadelphia, a march organizer was caught on video making a case to segregate the media, demanding that white reporters move to the back to allow black reporters to stand in front of the group of reporters observing the rally.

On the video, a BLM activist can be heard screaming, “White media, get to the back! Black media, come to the front!”

“Excuse me, sir!” she yells out. “Somebody needs to tell this person to get to the back. … Somebody needs to tell these folks to get to the back!”

“We are not afraid to put people out!” she warns, before repeating, “White people to the back! Black people to the front!”

Video of the incident was captured and posted by Heat Street editor Jillian Melchior:

The officious BLM activist’s actions came during another anti-cop protest hosted by members of the race-focused group in Philadelphia as the Democratic National Convention is held nearby.

One of the organizers of the rally even loudly proclaimed that their goal was to attack police.

“This is an anti-police rally,” the Black Lives Matter activist yelled out to the crowd over the PA system.

Another participant angrily screamed out, “Blue Lives ain’t real!”

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