Protests Rock Philly During Obama Speech At DNC

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PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania – Protesters launched a rowdy demonstration that led to arrests Wednesday night outside the Democratic National Convention as President Obama endorsed Hillary Clinton for president inside the convention hall.

Police arrested a man for throwing raw eggs and balloons into the crowd, causing temporary panic as patrol helicopters circled the immediate area and law enforcement attempted to calm the scene.

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In a separate incident, Breitbart News captured on camera a man being badly burned after his dress caught on fire while attempting to stomp out the flames of a burning U.S. flag.

“Burn that f**king white capitalist shit the f**k down,” screamed one bystander.

Breitbart News livestreamed the demonstrations, which involved hundreds of protestors and took place along the Wells Fargo Center security perimeter.

While many participants were Bernie Sanders supporters, others waved communist flags, signs with the word “oligarchy” crossed out, and even one protestor toted a sign that said “Netflix and Jill” – a nod to Green Party candidate Jill Stein, whom many frustrated Sanders supporters now say has their vote, especially in the wake of this week’s damning WikiLeaks email release which suggests the Democratic National Committee played favorites during the Democratic primary, deriding the Sanders campaign in favor of Hillary Clinton. Many Bernie supporters now feel disenfranchised, angry at a system they feel has been rigged.

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In addition to chanting “fraud!” repeatedly, other’s were heard chanting “This is what democracy looks like!”, “Whose streets? Our streets!”, and “The whole world is watching!”

Among the more aggressive groups were Black Bloc and Black Lives Matter, while others were there to just promote the peace, sporting shirts with the slogan “free hugs.”


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